New Zealand archbishop says legalizing same-sex marriage is ‘bizarre’

Archbishop John Dew of Wellington says 'an understanding of marriage that has its origin in human nature' has been discarded in New Zealand

New Zealand archbishop says legalizing same-sex marriage is ‘bizarre’
22 April 2013

The head of the Catholic church in New Zealand has responded to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country last week.

Archbishop John Dew of Wellington said:

‘We find it bizarre that what has been discarded is an understanding of marriage that has its origin in human nature and is common to every culture.’

The Archbishop added ‘we know many New Zealanders stand with us in this’, Catholic News Agency reports.

A law allowing same-sex couples to marry was passed by 77 MPs’ votes to 44 last Wednesday (17 April).

In his internationally lauded speech in support of passing same-sex marriage law, National MP and minister for customs Maurice Willamson decried the Catholic argument that gay marriage is ‘unnatural’.

‘I found that quite interesting coming from someone who has taken an oath of celibacy for his whole life,’ Williamson said.

New Zealand’s Anglican church has decided to announce its position on gay marriage in 2014.

When he was elected to the position last month, new Anglican Archbishop of New Zealand Philip Richardson said he believes the government has the right to decide on same-sex marriage, even if that opposes the church’s view.  



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