New Zealand civil unions halve since availability of same-sex marriage

It seems that most same-sex couples in New Zealand are preferring marriage over civil unions now that both are available to them

New Zealand civil unions halve since availability of same-sex marriage
02 July 2014

The number of same-sex couples entering into civil unions has nearly halved in the first year that same-sex marriage has been available to them.

There were 390 civil union performed in New Zealand in 2012 but only 233 in 2013, statistics show.

In comparison 355 same-sex couples got married in New Zealand between August and December last year and by March the total number of same-sex marriages had risen to 668.

3227 New Zealand couples have entered into civil unions since they became available in April of 2005 but many have since married.

One of those couples who are yet to do so are New Zealand Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett and his long term partner Ramon Maniapoto.

Barnett was a strong campaigner for civil unions in New Zealand and entered into one with Maniapoto in 2007 and told The Press that he expected they would ‘make that leap’ when the time came, but he said he still believed civil unions were a useful option for many couples.

‘It is great to know the choice is there,’ Barnett said.



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