New Zealand trans teen makes history in beauty pageant

Amy Brosnahan almost wasn’t allowed to compete in the Battle of the Babes, but took the case to the Human Rights Commission and competed in the national finals

New Zealand trans teen makes history in beauty pageant
03 May 2014

A New Zealand trans teen made history when she became the first trans competitor in a national beauty pageant.

Amy Brosnahan, 18, almost did not get to compete in the finals because she was not born female.

Brosnahan, who has not transitioned, was one of the nine finalists from Auckland to make it through to the national finals.

However, when it was revealed she was not born female, it looked like her future in the competition was in jeopardy.

She took the case to the Human Rights Commission to be allowed to compete in the Battle of the Babes.

Organizer Andrew Featherstone spoke about their decision to include her in the finals.

‘We didn’t refer to the transgender thing at all. It was all about her performance and on her looks’ he said.

‘Obviously we had a few bumps in the road and we were a bit unsure of what to do with that initially, but we’re really happy that we made the right call.’

New Zealand news source 3news reported Brosnahan narrowly missed out on a place in the top 10.

‘I’m pretty upset’ she said. ‘But I’m happy with what I’ve done.’

Her father Kevin Dwyer was there to support her.

‘We’re proud of her, of where she is today’ he said.

‘I mean I’ve accepted it. Obviously I’ve accepted it because I have two other sons so it’s all good – I can lose one’ he joked.

Nevertheless, she still made history in New Zealand and hopes to become a youth worker in the future.

‘I’m happy I got to make the stand’ she said.

‘I’m not doing it for me; I’m doing it for others as well.’



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