NFL player Chris Kluwe gets hate mail cartoon because he supports gay rights

Comes on the heels of hate letter Minnesota Vikings star got last week

NFL player Chris Kluwe gets hate mail cartoon because he supports gay rights
27 September 2012

Pro-gay rights NFL player Chris Kluweis finding out that his very vocal support of LGBT equality has made him a hate mail target to some who don’t share his views.

The Minnesota Vikings punter on Wednesday (26 September) said on Twitter that he had received a cartoon that ompared him to a pedophile.

‘It arrived in the mail along with photocopied articles demeaning gays as ‘serial killers’ and ‘pedophiles,” he tells

Last week, Kluwe told his Twitter followers that he had received four pages of ‘insane rambling’ from a woman named Jannette Edwards whiuch he described as ‘the most awesomely hilarious piece of hate mail ever.’

While he had then termed Edwards’ letter as his’greatest piece of hate mail,’ he says the cartoon surpasses it.

Outsports reports that the letter came from ‘American News Center,’ someone who appears to be from Minnesota.

The married father of two first came to attention earlier in September, when he publicly defended fellow NFL player, Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens for speaking out in favor of gay marriage.

‘I will not stand for a world that demeans those it finds ‘different’ or ‘gross’. I will not stand for an ideology that promotes slavish adherence to a single arbitrary standard, that sacrifices children on the altar of oppression and control,’ he wrote in a recent blog post.

Below is the cartoon sent to Kluwe:



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