NFL punter considers debating politician on gay marriage

National Football League punter Chris Kluwe takes on anti-gay marriage Minnesota politician

NFL punter considers debating politician on gay marriage
30 September 2012

Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson is a firm believer in ‘traditional values.’ She went to her Facebook page, on 27 Sept., asking voters for support.

‘Because I am standing on my principles the leftists who oppose marriage between 1 man and 1 woman are now funneling money to my opponent. I need YOUR HELP NOW to counter their attacks,’ Franson wrote, as reported by the newspaper City Pages.

In November the Midwestern US state will vote on a ballot measure seeking to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

In her plea she included a number of  Tweets from National Football League athlete Chris Kluwe. The Minnesota Vikings’ punter has been outspoken in his support of LGBT equality and same-sex marriage. He went to Twitter to counter Franson’s reasoning.

‘Basically, I was pointing out the fact that it is very hypocritical of her to ask for a return to traditional values, when traditional values say she should have been in the kitchen, and not in office,’ Kluwe said to City Pages. ‘Traditional values doesn’t just mean what you want it to mean. It can also mean some pretty bad stuff.’

He added he and Minnesotans for Equality, a group fighting against the referendum, might announce a debate challenge to Franson.

‘We’re thinking of actually extending her an official invitation to see if she wants to do a debate,’ Kluwe said.

According to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, Minnesota voters are evenly split on support of the ban.



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