Nick Griffin: gay civil partnerships kills children

British National Party leader said he is against same-sex civil partnerships but denied being anti-gay

Nick Griffin: gay civil partnerships kills children
26 October 2012

In an interview published today (26 October), Nick Griffin, leader of the far-right British National Party and member of the European parliament, said that civil partnerships undermines marriage and leads to more child death.

He also claimed that the sight of two men kissing is creepy but insisted he’s tolerant of LGBT people.

‘Civil partnerships are a way of sliding towards marriage for everyone through the backdoor. It undermines the institution of marriage, and as a result of that, children will die over the next few years, because they’ll be brought up in homes which aren’t married.

‘They’re not all bad of course, but it’s a weaker way of rearing children, that is what the statistics show’, said Griffin in an interview to the Leeds University student paper.

Griffin also said he is not anti-gay: ‘I do tolerate you [gays]. In fact, when I took over, the BNP had a policy to re-criminalize homosexuality. Now we now have a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” People can do whatever they want in private.’

He also complained: ‘[W]hy can’t you people simply get over it and tolerate the fact that a lot of heterosexual people – we don’t want to persecute you – but we find the sight of two men kissing creepy. That’s just a fact.

‘What’s the problem? You [students] may think I’m a monster, but look at what your fate would be in an Islamic republic of Britain.’

Griffin was also asked why he tweeted a gay couple’s address and claiming he would bring ‘drama’ to their home after they won a discrimination case against two Christians who refused them a hotel room.

He said that their address was ‘widely available on the internet anyway’, and that he got ‘more support from gay people than hostility over this’, because gay people believe in the right to discriminate.

‘Plenty of gay people are now fed up of so many straights going to their clubs, particularly in my constituency in Manchester.

‘They want the right to discriminate against heterosexuals, and I’m the only politician in Britain who would give them that right, because I believe people should have the freedom of association.’ 



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