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Nigeria gay marriage ban sparks petition

Thousands sign AllOut campaign to tell President Goodluck Jonathan not to jail gay wedding couples
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

A global petition signed by 60,000 people has been handed in, urging the Nigerian president not to support anti-gay laws in the country.

Last month the Nigerian Senate backed a bill outlawing gay relationships with a sentence of 14 years for couples who enter into an unofficial union and 10 years for witnesses. It is now awaiting approval by President Goodluck Jonathan.

On Monday (5 December) activists from the pressure group rallied outside the Nigerian Mission to the United Nations in New York while the petition was taken in.

In three days more than 8,000 people had added their names to the online document.

An spokesman said: 'As a powerful African nation, Nigeria cares strongly about its international reputation and a global outcry will make President Jonathan think twice about voting this into law.

'Nigeria is already an incredibly dangerous place to be lesbian, gay, bi or trans. This piece of legislation will only further push the Nigerian LGBT community deep underground.'

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