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Nigerian media claim gays arrested for having sex in a church

Nigerian media running reports that a gay couple were caught having sex in a church, despite lack of evidence
According to Nigerian Media, two gay men were arrested for having sex in a church.

Two men have been arrested in Nigeria for allegedly having sexual intercourse in a church, according to Nigerian media.

The men, named in the media as Samuel Friday and Oni Oluwatobi, were reportedly arrested for having sex inside the auditorium of a church in the town of Osogbo.

The men were supposedly arrested at the Peace of Jesus Apostolic Church, which was the scene of the crime.

According to Nigerian media, a judge read out the charge sheet in court as: 'That you, Samuel Friday, and Oni Oluwatobi at Peace of Jesus Apostolic Asubiaro Osogbo in Osogbo Magisterial District did conspire together to commit felony wit indecent sexual practice between yourselves.'

It is reported that the men have pleaded 'not guilty', and have been granted bail to the sum of ₦100,000 (£380.20).

Despite the reports in the media, Gay Star News have been unable to verify the source of the story.

There is a possibility that the story is being fallaciously reported by Nigerian media as a way to stir up anti-gay sentiment, which already runs strong in the country.

If the reports are true, it may also be likely that the incident did not occur as stated. There is the possibility that the Nigerian police and court system may have 'trumped up' the charges relating to the men.

The report follows a rise in anti-gay sentiment in Nigeria.

In September, Nigeria's bishops issued a statement of fear concerning same-sex marriage, believing it would 'destroy their culture'.

Also in September, a Nigerian scientist claimed he had proven homosexuality was 'immoral' using simplistic experiments which have nothing to do with human sexuality. His work won him the respect of his peers.

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