Nigerian pastor says gay marriage will wipe out humanity

As Nigeria considers a 'Jail the Gays' bill, which would imprison any homosexual or anyone failing to report any gay people they know, Pastor Enoch Adeboye stirs up anti-gay feelings

Nigerian pastor says gay marriage will wipe out humanity
22 January 2013

A Nigerian pastor has said allowing gay people to get married will end up wiping out humanity.

Speaking at Obafemi Awolowo University, Pastor Enoch Adeboye warned Nigerians of allowing gay rights in the African country.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, he said: ‘Same-sex marriage is an anathema to the will of God for human beings to be fruitful, replenish and multiply on earth. Anything contrary to that is evil.

‘How can a man who marries a fellow man produce a child and how can a woman who marries a fellow woman produce a child?

‘If this evil is allowed to stay, there will not be newborns again in the world. As the older generation dies, will there be a new generation to succeed it? Even plants and animals have new generations to succeed them.’

The pastor called on people practicing homosexuality to repent and ‘flee from the wrath of God, adding ‘like poles repel, while unlike poles attract.’

Adeboye’s comments come days after three Nigerian men were stripped and brutally assaulted, and two weeks after two pastors were caught having sex in a hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria.

Gay activists are urging Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan to reject a bill that would see people being jailed for being gay and failing to report any homosexuals to the police.

Online campaign group AllOut has started a petition against the bill, which has gathered more than 100,000 signatures.



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