Nigerian ‘scientist’ proves same sex attraction is ‘unnatural’

'Scientist' Chibuihem Amalaha attempts to prove homosexuality is wrong through simplistic experiments which have little to do with the subject

Nigerian ‘scientist’ proves same sex attraction is ‘unnatural’
15 September 2013

A ‘scientist’ from Nigeria believes he has proved same sex marriage is ‘unnatural’ by conducting simplistic experiments which have no relation to homosexuality.

Chibuihem Amalaha, a post graduate student from the University of Lagos, believes that basic laws of physics are God’s way of saying same sex attraction is ‘wrong’.

Speaking on his ‘groundbreaking’ discovery through the use of cutting-edge technology like magnets, Amalaha said: ‘A bar magnet is a horizontal magnet that has the North Pole and the South Pole and when you bring two bar magnets and you bring the North Pole together you find that the two North Poles will not attract.

‘If you bring two South Poles together you find that the two South Poles will not attract indicating that same sex marriage should not hold. A female should not attract a female as South Pole of a magnet does not attract the South Pole of a magnet’.

Amalaha also believes that biology ‘proves’ homosexuality to be unnatural, saying: ‘Even among lions when you go to the zoo you find out that lion does not mate with a lion instead a lion will mate with a lioness showing that a lion being a male will mate with lioness being a female.’

Despite his scientific intellect, Amalaha is seemingly unaware that scientists have observed same sex attraction in hundreds of species – including lions.

Amalaha has shown surprise that he may well be the first to use science to prove same sex attraction ‘wrong’. He says: ‘If you go on the Internet to check whether there is anybody who has used physics to prove gay marriage wrong, you find out there is none.’

As ridiculous as his claims have been, they have attracted accolades within the scientific community in Nigeria.

Dr Henry Boyo of the University of Lagos said: ‘He conceptualised the idea of using sciences and mathematics to prove gay marriage wrong and we have worked it here. Some people make claims to religion but he went a step further to use science and mathematics to prove gay marriage wrong.’

The ‘groundbreaking’ work performed by Amalaha is unlikely to win a Nobel prize.



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