Nine in 10 gay people want UK marriage equality

New poll finds 91% of gay people, and 96% who are 35 and under, are in favor of the UK government marriage equality plans

Nine in 10 gay people want UK marriage equality
31 January 2013 Print This Article

Nine in 10 gay people want UK marriage equality, according to a new poll.

It showed 91% of over 2,000 lesbian, gay and bisexual adults across Britain are in favor of the government’s plans to legalize gay marriage in England and Wales.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill will have its second reading and be debated for the first time in the House of Commons on 5 February.

The YouGov poll also found support rose to 96% of gay people aged 35 and under.

UK-based charity Stonewall commissioned the poll in the aim of finding out whether the anti-marriage equality argument of gay people not wanting to get married had any merit.

Ben Summerskill, Stonewall’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Some regrettably shrill anti-gay campaigners have taken to suggesting gay people aren’t really that bothered about equal marriage.

‘We now know just how important this reform is for millions of people in this country.’

He added: ‘Added to other polls showing overwhelming support for equal marriage from gay and straight people alike, this exposes the hollowness of one of the main claims made by anti-equality campaigners.’

Stonewall has also urged British people to contact their MPs to urge them to vote for marriage equality. If they already have, thank them for their vote.

Equality benefits everyone, which is why we need every supporter to press MPs to vote for it,’ Summerskill said.

‘Our message is simple. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.’

In December, an Ipsos MORI poll showed 73% of all people in Britain think gay people should be able to marry.



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