Nine year old leaves Cub Scouts due to its LGBT policy

Nine-year-old is done with the Cub Scouts because of its LGBT ruling

Nine year old leaves Cub Scouts due to its LGBT policy
09 September 2012

Christopher Tiner, a nine-year-old from the New England state of Maine, is ending his relationship with the Cub Scouts because of its treatment of LGBT scouts and leaders.

‘I didn’t like it that they were kicking people out,’ Christopher said to the newspaper the Bangor Daily News. ‘I don’t think it’s fair.’

In mid July the Boy Scouts of America announced there was no plan to lift its ban on gay members after two years of consideration by an 11-person committee.

According to Maine Scout officials, the youngster is the first in the state to resign due to the policy. Eric Tarbox, executive of the Boy Scouts’ Portland-based Pine Tree Council, told the newspaper he’s been contacted 10 times since July. Half of the calls were in support of the Boy Scouts’ position. The other half opposed.

Christopher is content with his decision to walk away from all the badges he’s earned; they are proudly displayed in his family’s living room.

‘He could make his own decision about it,’  said Scott Tiner, Christopher’s father.



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