No gay weddings in Cancun for now

Mexican resort area had been marketed as destination for gay couples

No gay weddings in Cancun for now
14 January 2012

Same-sex couples who were planning to get married in the Mexican resort city of Cancun have to put those plans on hold.

In Quintana Roo, the state in which Cancun is located,  Secretary of State Lois Gonzalez Flores has ordered a review of the legality of same-sex marriages, according to La Reforma.

Because the state's marriage application is gender neutral, the lawyers for two gay couples  had argued in court that Quintara Roo laws do not specifically ban their unions and they were married.

One of those married was Patricia Novelo, the spokeswoman for the gay rights group Diversity Collective. Nevelo then began working with gay travel groups on marketing the area on the south-east coast of Mexico as a destination for gay weddings, reports On Top Magazine.

'The aim is to promote this niche market, which is very attractive to European, Canadian and American couples,' Novelo told the site GayWeddingsDestination last month.

Along with Acapulco, Cancun is now the most popular of the Mexican resorts. Currently, only Mexico City has legalized marriage equality while the rest of Mexico has not. 



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