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Noah's Arc star Darryl Stephens returns to Logo in ensemble drama DTLA

Premieres in October and also stars Sandra Bernhard and Melanie Griffin

Devoted fans of the gay-themed drama Noah's Arc were crushed when Logo canceled the beloved series after just two seasons.

But Darryl Stephens, the actor who played the title role on the show and in a subsequent feature film, is returning to the Viacom-owned channel on 24 October with the premiere of the ensemble drama DTLA.

It was announced Thursday (27 September) that DTLA, which stands for Downtown Los Angeles, will have a season of eight episodes. The show revolves around the relationships and sex lives of eight friends who work and live in downtown Los Angeles, some who are gay.

The show is from Larry Kennar who also produced Showtime's long-running lesbian drama The L Word. Also in the cast are Oscar nominee Melanie Griffin and comedienne Sandra Bernhard, among others.

The show has also been acquired by on Out TV Canada. It marks the first time a Kickstarter-funded TV series has landed both US and foreign distribution.

Below is the show's trailer:

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