NOM congratulates Gingrich for his South Carolina victory

The National Organization for Marriage is pleased with Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum

NOM congratulates Gingrich for his South Carolina victory
22 January 2012

The National Organization for Marriage offered its congratulations to Newt Gingrich for his win in the South Carolina primary.

The anti-gay marriage group also voiced its support for the winners of the races in Iowa and New Hampshire.

'We have had three different victors in state contests thus far — Rick Santorum in Iowa, Mitt Romney in New Hampshire and now Newt Gingrich in South Carolina,' said NOM president Brian Brown in a press release. 'What all these states have in common is that they have picked candidates who have signed NOM's Marriage Pledge. They are all winners and NOM supports each of them.'

By signing the pledge, the three men promise, if elected to the White House, to support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and a presidential commission to 'investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters.'

Gingrich marched to a convincing victory in yesterday's election with 40 percent of the vote — as reported by Bloomberg News. Romney came in a distant second with 28 percent. Rounding the field was Santorum at 17 and Rep. Ron Paul with 13.

Paul has not signed NOM's pledge.



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