NOM vows to highlight marriage in the upcoming election

The National Organization of Marriage is certain if President Obama wins, marriage will end in the US.

NOM vows to highlight marriage in the upcoming election
12 August 2012

The National Organization of Marriage is certain the Democratic Party’s support of gay marriage is sending party members off a proverbial cliff.

Even before Democrats made marriage equality an official plank of the party platform, NOM was sounding the alarms warning a reelection of President Barack Obama would end marriage in the US.

‘We will rally supporters of traditional marriage to make sure they realize that the outcome of the presidential election may determine the future of marriage in our country,’  said Brian Brown, NOM’s president, late last month.

In his criticism of the Democrats, Brown left out an important detail of the plank: the support of religious denominations to define marriage as they see fit.

The well known anti-same sex marriage group has already given its endorsement to Republican nominee Mitt Romney. This isn’t too surprising considering Romney’s long time opposition to marriage equality, and his quick signature on a  NOM pledge. If elected to the White House, the Republican nominee promises to support a  constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, even in states where it’s been approved, and the creation of a presidential commission to ‘investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters.’

How the marriage debate will impact this year’s election is anyone’s guess. Right now the topic isn’t making the list of issues voters tell pollsters they are concerned about. In early July, Rasmussen Reports published a top ten voters’ concerns list. Marriage equality was nowhere to be found. The top three were the economy, health care, and governmental ethics.



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