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The Normal Heart director Ryan Murphy was 'very upset' when he first saw an emaciated Matt Bomer

'Matt was just so physically weak ... it was a very moving thing to witness'
Photo: HBO

Matt Bomer has steadfastly avoided saying exactly how much weight he lost to portay an AIDS victim in HBO's The Normal Heart but it was enough to leave director Ryan Murphy emotional when first seeing him.

During a four-month break in filming for the fit and trim Bomer to be able to lose more than 35 pounds, Murphy said the actor would send him photos of his progress.

'I would say,"Please get your blood checked! ... I was nervous,' Murphy admitted in an interview this week on HuffPost Live.

Murphy arrived on the set the first day back after the break and saw an emaciated Bomer getting a haircut.

'When I saw him, I was emotional. I was very upset,' he said. 'We were all concerned. We would check on him every five minutes. Matt was just so physically weak. Je had to sit in the same place between lighting set-ups just so that his energy could be brought out in the performance. It was a very moving thing to witness.'

In the same interview, Bomer said the role of New York Times reporter Felix Turner was so important to him that 'it was worth any risk that was involved.'

He added: 'The thinner I got and the more my health was compromised, I had more of a lust for life than I've ever had. That's what I wanted to discover and bring to Felix.'

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