North Carolina governor worried how gay marriage vote makes the state look

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue thinks Amendment One vote will tarnish state's reputation

North Carolina governor worried how gay marriage vote makes the state look
12 May 2012

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue thinks this week’s Amendment One vote has damaged the state’s reputation.

‘It’s wrong for North Carolina, clearly and simply,’  she said, as reported by Politico. ‘People around the country are watching us and they’re really confused to have been such a progressive, forward-thinking, economically driven state that invested in education and that stood up for the civil rights of people including the civil rights marches back in the ‘50s and ’60s and ’70s. Folks are saying, what in the world is going in North Carolina? We look like Mississippi.’

Amendment One passed by an impressive margin this past Tuesday (8 May). The state’s constitutional amendment was approved by 61 percent of voters. Although gay marriage was illegal in the state, this new law means that only marriages between one man and woman will have legal (state) recognition. Civil unions are outlawed and it’s possible  domestic partnerships, for both gay and straight couples, are now in danger.

Although efforts are already underway to repeal the new law, John Dinan, a professor of political science at Wake Forest University says the fight will be an uphill battle.

‘There have been 30 prior same-sex marriage amendments to pass in other states and not one of them has come anywhere close to being repealed in the amendment process,’ Dinan said to Star News

The professor did note the federal courts would more than likely soon be involved.



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