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Novak Djokovic get marriage proposal from boy during US Open practice session

Defending champ laughs, invites boy to court to hit some balls, gives him a hug

Novak Djokovic would seem to have a lot of pressure on him as he begins defense of his US Open crown in New York this week.

But the Serbian superstar, currently ranked number two in the world behind Roger Federer, appeared relaxed and playful during a practice session where he received a marriage proposal from a boy.

'Djokovic! Will you marry me?' the boy shouted from the stands as the player was practicing his serves.

Djokovic laughed and walked over to where the boy was standing and invited him onto the court to hit a few serves. The kid hit several in and Djokovic even dashed over to the other side of the court to return a few of them himself.

The kid got a hug from the champ before heading back into the stands.

Here is video of the encounter via

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