Nuns claim birth control turns men gay and women into sluts

An advert by a Catholic group has gone viral on YouTube because of its bizarre claims about the effects of contraception

Nuns claim birth control turns men gay and women into sluts
20 November 2012

Birth control turns men gay, fish transsexual and women into sluts, are among the bizarre claims by a group of nuns in Ohio.

The viral video by the Come Unity in Truth group claims contraception is responsible for far more ‘evils’ than just preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

The voiceover points to an experiment conducted on monkeys in the 1970s which reportedly proved birth control can turn men gay.

Scientists injected the females with the Depo Provera shot causing the alpha male to stop being attracted to them, according to the video.

When all the females in his cage area were given Depo shots, the alpha male ‘became confused and his actions, bizarre’, no longer paying any attention to the opposite sex and instead had ‘sexual interactions’ with the males.

In its most outlandish claim, the group says estrogen in the urine of women on birth control has made it into the water supply and is turning those who drink it into transsexuals.

‘Its effects can be seen in the discovery of fish which are currently living in estrogen polluted water,’ the video explains.

‘These fish are neither male nor female. In fact they have a mixture of sex characteristics, rendering them infertile.

‘With the prevalence of contraception, it’s no wonder that adultery is on the rise. As is promiscuity, homosexual behavior and even abortion due to failed contraception.’

The film also purports that use of the pill makes women less attractive to men, leading them to dress like cheap whores to compensate, and will also lead to the extinction of the human race.

For more dodgy science from the Catholic nuns, watch the video below:



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