Oakland A’s pitcher objects to gay inuendo of stadium ‘kiss cam’

Brandon McCarthy says prompting presumably straight males to kiss for laughs is 'particularly offensive to gay males'

Oakland A’s pitcher objects to gay inuendo of stadium ‘kiss cam’
20 April 2012 Print This Article

Major League Baseball star Brandon McCarthy, a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, just doesn't think it's funny to make two presumably straight guys kiss in front of a stadium of fans.

He considers it offensive to gays.

The so-called 'kiss cam' has become a staple at major sporting events in the US. During a lull in the action, camera operators will focus on unsuspecting pairs in the stands and the crowd encourages them to kiss.

While couples are usually the focus of the camera, sometimes it will zoom in on two men who are clearly not a gay couple and try and get them to lock lips for laughs.

McCarthy, 28, took to Twitter this week to speak out against the practice: 'They put two guys on the 'Kiss Cam' tonight. What hilarity!! (By hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend.'

When plenty of his nearly 30,000 Twitter followers disagreed with him, McCarthy did not back down explaining: 'The implication is that two guys kissing is funny. That's offensive to gay males.'

Homophobia aside, McCarthy had one more point to make about the 'Kiss Cam' practice: 'It's cheap, sh*tty comedy so it sucks at that level as well.'

McCarthy joined the Oakland A's last year after stints playing for the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox.



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