Obama Boy and his love song for Barack

American singer Justin Brown goes viral on YouTube with a gay parody of the famous video by Obama Girl

Obama Boy and his love song for Barack
14 June 2012

Have you ever had a crush on a politician? Well Justin Brown, or ‘Obama Boy’, has seen his YouTube video go viral, chanting his love for the US president:

‘You let us serve openly in the military. I’m so jealous of the first lady.

‘Gay marriage will soon be the norm. It makes me shiny and warm.

‘You support me unlike the right. You’re my rainbow colored knight.’

Maybe it’s the president’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, or maybe his recent endorsement of gay marriage: that’s why Justin Brown is becoming a new star of the social media.

Obama Boy’s song is also available on iTunes. He’s got a blog and a website and, in America, everybody is speaking about this new viral video.

‘I put down my Prop 8 sign. Now I’m gonna make you mine. Progressive, caring, and kind.

‘Cuz I gotta a crush on Obama. I cannot wait for my soulmate. Barry you’re the finest candidate.’

The song, however, is a parody. First, there was the Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger, who turned heads in 2008 with her seductive YouTube videos in praise of then-Senator Barack Obama.

Now, with ‘Obama Boy’, Brooklyn-based Justin Brown wants to repeat Obama Girl’s great success. But in a pinkier way.

Brown describes himself on his Facebook page as a ‘producer, actor, director and writer at Seymore Films and the Maine Studios.’ 

And now watch the video!



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