Obama has made FBI and CIA gay, says family activist

Camenker, a US family rights and pro-life activist said the FBI and CIA have 'gone gay' and that a 'terrorist movement' de-listed homosexuality as a mental illness 

Obama has made FBI and CIA gay, says family activist
03 October 2012

According to Brian Camenker a family rights and pro-life activist the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) became gay and a threat to the family.

He also said that an ‘extreme terrorist movement’ was behind the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses.

Appearing on the Voice of Christian Youth America program Crosstalk, with host Jim Schneider, Camenker head of the MassResistance organization said: ‘It’s unbelievable. … They have started a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender program on their careers website and they apparently have even gone from there to embracing the gay agenda, having a gay advisory committee, welcoming homosexuals as FBI agents, getting involved with pride events, but more than that going to gay pride events and encouraging homosexual activists to report hate crimes and working with them against pro-family groups.

‘…It is very, very frightening to see. The FBI is very powerful and they can do a lot of damage if they are out to get you.

‘We’ve seen that in the schools, we’ve seen that all over the place. We’re really scared about the FBI being this out homosexual organization.’

According to Camenker even the CIA isn’t ‘safe’ anymore from the ‘gay agenda. In the old days you thought of the CIA as being this internal spy organization but now what they are doing is they are actually participating in these activities [like gay pride events]’.

Camenker went on to lament that gays are no longer banned from serving in the CIA but instead the agency is participating in the ‘gay agenda’ adding: ‘Man, this is really, really, really bad.’

Camenker argued on the MassResistance website that: ‘The US military and State Department aren’t the only branches of the US government to “go gay”.

‘Since the Obama Administration took control, the FBI and CIA, the two main federal law enforcement and surveillance organizations, have fully embraced the homosexual and transgender movements, and appear to be poised to crack down on pro-family groups and citizens who are critical.’

Camenker regards Barack Obama as ‘more aggressive at pushing the radical homosexual and transgender agendas than anyone could possibly have imagined.

‘The fact that the mainstream media (and most of the conservative media) is almost completely silent about this gives him even more cover to continue. In a second term, it would unquestionably get even worse.’

Camenker is also concerned that the Republican candidate Mitt Romney has been recruited into the ‘gay agenda’ saying: ‘When Romney announced to a national audience that he would support ‘gay rights’ and in effect be the most pro-homosexual Republican president ever, that didn’t give us much confidence.’

Towards the end of the program on VCY Camenker criticized California’s new law limiting the practice of harmful and discredited sexual orientation conversion therapy on minors. He claimed that ‘an extreme terrorist movement in the medical community’ was behind the removal of homosexuality from mental illness listing.

He also claimed that conversion therapy works as ‘there is a whole world of ex-gays around’.

He warned that the new California law will be especially bad for ‘these kids who have been preyed upon by the homosexual movement’ and that homosexuality for them should be seen as ‘just a fad.’

Later, Camenker and program host Schneider agreed with a caller’s rant against homosexuality and said that it is not a sexual orientation but an ‘addiction’ and ‘deviation that goes against nature itself.’ 



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