Obama lynched in effigy over gay support

US President targeted in video by Koran burning pastor Terry Jones for supporting LGBT and women's rights

Obama lynched in effigy over gay support
09 June 2012

Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones has symbolically hung effigies of Uncle Sam and US President Barack Obama to protest the president’s support for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights, while claiming Obama is aiding radical Islamic groups.

Jones, who made worldwide headlines in 2010 after threatening to burn copies of the Koran to mark the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, made the comments in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

The effigy of Obama has been made to hold a rainbow gay rights flag in the video while being hung from a noose from a scaffold.

“President Obama is killing our nation,” Jones says in the video.

“President Obama’s policies on same-sex marriage, his policies on abortion. President Obama has no problem killing babies.

"He has no problem supporting radical Islam, he has no problem supporting and giving financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood."

Jones said the hanging of the Obama effigy was “a symbol of what America needs to do."

"We must remove him, we must vote him out of office."

Jones intends to run for US President in this year’s presidential elections.

Obama had only days before declared June to be LGBT Pride Month in the US for the fourth year in a row.

“From generation to generation, ordinary Americans have led a proud and inexorable march toward freedom, fairness, and full equality under the law ”



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