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Obama raised $9 million in first three days after supporting gay marriage

Donations from supporters immediately tripled compared to previous days

Back in 1988, the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis rejected a $1 million donation from gay donors fearing it would result in attack ads from his opponents.

Fast-forward 24 years: Barack Obama makes history with his public support of gay marriage, the first sitting US president to ever do so.

Obama's announcement came amid mounting pressure on him to take a stand on an issue that he had previously said he was still 'evolving on.'

In the 72 hours after his May 9 announcement, Obama saw donations to his campaign triple to nearly $9 million over three days, according to an NPR analysis of campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission.

'People who may have sat on the sidelines are now coming in in full force as a result of the president's and the administration's support for marriage equality,' gay philanthropist and Democratic political activist David Bohnett tells NPR. 'There's no question about that.'

NPR notes that money from gay donors is starting to flow into Republican campaigns as well.

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