Olly Murs drops cake then feeds it to hungry gay fans

British pop sensation Olly Murs celebrates number one hit Troublemaker with gig at London's G-A-Y nightclub

Olly Murs drops cake then feeds it to hungry gay fans
26 November 2012

British pop star Olly Murs celebrated his fourth number one this weekend and gave his fans at London’s G-A-Y club a taste of his success by sharing a celebratory cake.

The former X Factor finalist was presented with the personalized treat during a performance at the UK capital’s famous night spot on Saturday (24 November).

However, the weight of his achievements proved too much for the Essex singer who dropped the cake on the floor before picking it up and feeding it to the crowd.

During the gig, Murs sung his latest smash hit single Troublemaker, which has sold over 120,000 copies.

The collaboration with US rapper Flo Rida beat both Girls Aloud and One Direction to take the top spot in the British charts.

Olly Murs delighted his gay fans in May when he revealed his friends have told him he has ‘perfect lips’ to perform oral sex on a man.

Although insisting he is straight, he admitted he gets on well with gay men and is comfortable with his sexuality.

Watch the video for Murs’ new single Troublemaker below:



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