Olympic range brings patriotic style to jewellery

Links of London launch Olympic collection

Olympic range brings patriotic style to jewellery
18 April 2012

With only 100 days to go until the London Olympics, excitement is mounting, and in preparation Links of London have created the official jewellery collection of the 2012 games.

The range has been designed to give the Links of London brand a patriotic, British twist. It includes gifts and cool pieces of jewellery inspired by the colours of the Union Jack flag, British fashion and even gold medals.

GSN aren’t alone in our love for the range. Much-loved gay actor, author, comic and TV presenter Stephen Fry tweeted about the Team GB band piece, saying: ‘Thanks to Links of London for my #LOLGBBand. Glad to show my support for Team GB. #London2012.’

CEO of Links of London says: ‘Now that we only have 100 days before the games the excitement is starting to build up and everyone wants to get involved in some way.

‘Our official collection of London 2012 is the perfect way for everyone to be part of the games and find their own way to mark this momentous occasion.’

You can read more about Links of London and the official jewellery collection of London 2012 on their website.



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