One Direction’s Louis calls gay rumors ‘upsetting’

The 20-year-old British singer has tried to stop fans obsessing about him and Harry Styles dating

One Direction’s Louis calls gay rumors ‘upsetting’
18 September 2012

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has become sick of speculation from fans obsessing over his intimate relationship with Harry Styles.

The 20-year-old singer tried to end speculation he’s gay and involved in a secret romantic relationship with his band mate.

On 16 September, he grew so sick of fans calling the two ‘Larry Stylinson’, he said to a fan: ‘How’s this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy, why can’t you accept that.’

He followed up the tweet with another, saying: ‘Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s upsetting that I have to read them daily. Thank god for the lovely people on here.’

Later, the British band member said: ‘I love all our true fans so fucking much! That’s a promise! I assure you all I’m always true to myself! #embarrassing tweet

Tomlinson, who says he is dating student Eleanor Calder, then deleted the ‘Larry’ tweets.

It is not the first time One Direction has been accused of acting too ‘intimate’ with one another.

Styles and fellow band member Niall Horan were seen nearly locking lips while performing on a Texas stage in June, but in reality, they were just whispering to each other.

Since coming third on the UK version of The X Factor in 2010, One Direction have become one of the biggest boy bands in the world. When they released their debut album Up All Night, it topped charts worldwide.

Check out a fan made video dedicated to ‘Larry Stylinson’ here:



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