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One Direction’s Harry Styles buys ‘gay, erotic art’

British singer reportedly spends $33,000 on several pieces including one reading: 'If I wasn't straight, I'd definitely be gay'
Harry Styles has reportedly bought humorous gay, sex-themed art.

As one of the most famous men in the world, it’s no surprise One Direction’s Harry Styles is the subject of gay rumors.

But this time it isn’t because of his close relationship to gay Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw or to his bromance with his bandmates, it’s because of his taste in art.

The British singer splashed over £22,000 ($33,000, €24,400) on original pieces by artist Hayden Keys.

While the artworks are certainly not nudes, they are suggestive, somewhat funny, social commentary typed works.

One of the artworks he bought reads: ‘If I wasn’t straight I’d definitely be gay’.

According to a E! News source, Styles bought 20 pieces of artwork last week.

‘They are original works and they are all unique. They are not prints. They are all done on the same typewriter. Each piece is hand-typed and produced,’ the source said.

‘Each of the artworks cost 1,000 pounds or about $1,400 to $1,500,’ they added. ‘The artworks show a level of sentiment and love and affection. They are social commentary and involve mind games. They have a theme of love and sex.’

Other artworks Styles bought include 32 crude drawings of penises, another typed work reading ‘I think about sex every sex words’ and another saying ‘It’s such a beautiful day outside. I might just go to the park and stare at my iPhone.'

Check them out below:

(All prints by Hayden Keys)

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