One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful gives birth to popular parody

One Orientation says they mean no disrespect with What Makes You Homosexual

One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful gives birth to popular parody
15 June 2012

One Orientation wants everyone to know that they are big fans of One Direction.

Their song, What Makes You Homosexual, is parody of the band’s song, What Makes You Beautiful, and is more of a tribute than anything else.

A very clever, funny and bouncy tribute that has become an online hit with nearly 20,000 views as of early evening Thursday (14 June) PST.

‘This is not intended to be negative towards the band!’ One Orientation states on YouTube. ‘We DO NOT THINK THEY ARE GAY! We love the song and this is our FUN take on it. EQUALITY for all.’

Here’s a sample of some of the song’s lyrics:

Baby that fierce little strut and those perfect brows

You work out 6 days a week and still weigh two pounds

You manscape your junk so it aint no doubt you don’t kno – ow -ow

You’re a homosexual

No reaction from One Direction – yet!



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