One Million Moms leave Facebook after anti-gay post backfires

After a Green Lantern post backfired, the anti-gay group has left the social networking site

One Million Moms leave Facebook after anti-gay post backfires
03 June 2012 Print This Article

In another setback for the anti-gay group One Million Moms, they have decided to leave Facebook after a Green Lantern post backfired.

Last Friday, One Million Moms posted a link to an ABC story stating superhero Green Lantern would be an openly gay character.

The New Civil Rights Movement spotted that nearly 85 comments on the article had been posted on the Facebook group, with only a small minority of them negative.

The administrator attempted to delete the wave of positivity, but soon gave up and removed the post all together.

One comment by Meg Navitsky said: ‘Looks like I’m gonna go buy some new Green Lantern memorabilia from JC Penney!’

Another post from One Million Moms saying ‘we think our fans need a time out’ was also deleted within minutes of its creation.

The twitter account @1milmoms, which has 1657 followers, said: ‘FYI for all of our members that are on Facebook: OMM will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School!…’

It is not the first time One Million Moms has deactivated their Facebook group.

In February, the group had a ‘time out’ after supporters flocked to the social networking site to support Ellen DeGeneres when they were campaigning JC Penney to drop the lesbian television host.

On their website, they are still campaigning DC Comics to remove any homosexual character. Instead, writer James Robinson has pledged to add more gay characters to the DC universe.

In addition to DC Comics and JC Penney, One Million Moms have also targeted The Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Toys R Us which stocked the Life With Archie comic book featuring the gay wedding of two of its characters. Shortly after the protest, the issue completely sold out.

The new out and proud Green Lantern will appear in next week’s issue of Earth 2 published on 7 June.

Take a look at a screenshot of the Green Lantern post before it was deleted:




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