One Million Moms now targeting The Gap

Anti-gay group objects to billboard in Los Angeles featuring male couple sharing a single T-shirt

One Million Moms now targeting The Gap
19 May 2012

First it was JC Penney, then Urban Outfitters then JC Penney again.

Now the anti-gay group OneMillionMoms, a subgroup of American Family Association, as another retailer in its sights: The Gap.

It objects to a new billboard The Gap has unveiled in Los Angeles that features a male couple pressed together under a single T-short along with the words ‘Be Bright, Be One.’

The group wants its followers to contact the retailer to let them know they are ‘highly offended’ by the billboard and are providing a form letter on their website.

They are also threatening a boycott stating that GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta ‘does not deserve, nor will it get, money from conservative families across the country.’

‘Supporting GAP is not an option until they decide to remain neutral in the culture war,’ the group states. ‘GAP needs to seriously consider how their immoral advertising affect the youth of our nation.’

The group wants the ‘offensive’ billboard in Los Angeles removed as well as in any other cities where they are located. They are also demanding that GAP  cancel any plans to use the ‘Be One’ ad campaign elsewhere including store-front posters, online, and in print magazine ads.

In addition to JC Penney, The Gap and Urban Outfitters, the group also led a protest against Toys R Us because it carried the Life With Archie comic book featuring on its cover the gay wedding of two of its characters.

Shortly after the protest began, the issue completely sold out.



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