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Oregon baker refuses to make wedding cake for lesbian couple

‘I believe I have the liberty to live by my principles,’ baker says as she turns away a gay couple before their wedding
A lesbian couple has claimed an Oregon bakery has refused to make them a weding cake.

An Oregon lesbian couple has claimed a baker has refused to make a cake for their wedding.

Erin Hanson and Katie Pugh have said they were turned away from a local bakery Fleur Cakes because they are lesbians.

‘I found a gal who was making gorgeous cakes,’ Pugh told KATU News. ‘I contacted her and we set up a time to do a tasting.’

‘I mentioned Erin in passing, and said a “she” in passing too, in the email. A few days later she called back and that was today. And called and verified it was a same-sex wedding,’ Pugh said.

Pam Regentin, who owns Fleur Cakes, was asked if she was aware it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation for a business that serves the Public.

‘I believe I have the liberty to live by my principles,’ she said.

Oregon Labor Bureau is currently investigating a similar complaint after another local bakery refused to make a cake for a gay couple in February.

State statutes say any business offering a service to the public must provide ‘full and equal accommodations without any distinction on account of race, color, religion, sex or sexual orientation.’

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