Organizers deny rumors that London World Pride could be cancelled

Pride London bosses insist event will go ahead as Evening Standard warns of 24 hours to strike deal with unpaid contractors

Organizers deny rumors that London World Pride could be cancelled
26 June 2012

Organizers of London’s World Pride, taking place in just 11 days, have been forced to deny the event might be cancelled.

The London Evening Standard has tonight (26 June) claimed the global lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender event is under threat with £65,000 owed from last year to four contractors.

If one of those contractors pulls out, the Standard claims, organizers may be forced to scale down or cancel the festival.

And it says they have less than 24 hours to strike a deal over the unpaid bills with a series of crisis meetings between organizers and key stakeholders including the Metropolitan police, Westminster council and City Hall.

The four contractors reported to be owed money are AP Security, Eve Trackway, Westminster Licensing and AD Health & Safety.

The Standard claims that if they refuse to take part in this year’s event, the parade of floats through central London will have to be axed.

Sahran Abeysundara, a Pride London director, told Gay Star News that the Evening Standard had confused information and assured GSN readers that Pride would go ahead.



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