Out basketball player Jason Collins to get second 10-day contract

At the end of the second contract, the Brooklyn Nets are required to sign Collins, if they want to keep him, for the remainder of the season

Out basketball player Jason Collins to get second 10-day contract
04 March 2014

Openly gay basketball player Jason Collins will get another 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

The athlete made history late last month by becoming the first out player in the National Basketball Association. His initial contract expires today (4 March) and , as reported by Yahoo Sports, the Nets will offer a second one tomorrow (5 March).

When the second contract ends, the Nets will have to sign the 12-year veteran, if they want to keep him, for the rest of the season.

Coach Jason Kidd, who played with Collins, has been pleased with the center’s work.

‘Twin is a good friend of mine and he’s a basketball player, but he’s a great person and so that’s why we wanted him on this team and we felt he could help us win,’ Kidd said,as reported by Yahoo.

Twin is Collins’ nickname.

The Nets played their first home game, since Collins joined the team, on 3 March. They beat the Chicago Bulls, 96-80.

This past weekend the NBA  announced proceeds from the sale of Collins’ jersey will  be donated to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Matthew Shepard Foundation.

He wears #98 in memory of Shepard, a college student who was murdered in 1998 in an anti-gay hate crime in Wyoming.



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