Outcry as Greek TV cuts Downton Abbey gay kiss

Opposition party protests ‘obvious case of censorship’ and ‘an extreme act of homophobia’

Outcry as Greek TV cuts Downton Abbey gay kiss
17 October 2012

A kiss between a handsome footman and an aristocrat was cut from an episode of international hit Downton Abbey in Greece on Monday night.

‘This is of course an obvious case of censorship, an extreme act of homophobia and discrimination which unfortunately, after what has been happening recently, we cannot characterize and unprecedented,’ said main opposition party Syriza in a statement criticizing state TV channel NET.

Greek state television said the kiss was not censored but cut due to parental guidance warnings needed at the time it was broadcast, 10.05pm. It said an unedited version will be broadcast later on Tuesday night, Reuters reports.

Last week Greek neo-Nazis protested against gay-themed religious play Corpus Christi being performed in Athens. MPs from extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn took part in the protest.

Syriza MP Dimitris Papadimoulis questioned whether the Downton Abbey edit was due to pressure from Golden Dawn or the church.

‘NET “cut” a gay kiss on the premiere of a top TV series. Who decided this censorship? [Bishop] Seraphim of Piraeus and GD?’ Papadimoulis tweated.



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