Outrage over anti-gay marriage sign in Tasmania

Man describes self-made sign as reflective of his ‘Christian opinion’

Outrage over anti-gay marriage sign in Tasmania
23 April 2013

An anti-gay marriage sign has caused outrage in the northwestern coastal town of Wynyard, Tasmania.

The sign, which was put up next to a busy main road, depicted the male and female gender symbols next to two wedding rings.

Speaking to The Advocate in Australia, Graham Hodge, the man who made and put up the sign, described marriage equality as ‘a complete misnomer’. 

He said his actions were ‘a subtle way of saying that man plus woman equals marriage.

Hodge then said the fight for gay marriage was ‘about destroying the institution of marriage completely.’ 

Burnie City Council has made a statement regarding the sign after receiving a barrage of complaints on its Facebook page.

It said: ‘We have made note of all the questions asked about a sign that is causing quite a stir. 

‘We are now working with DIER [Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources] to find out if this sign has approval to be there. 

‘If not, it will be removed.’

Maire MacCana, who is a resident of the town of Wynyard, was incensed after noticing the sign whilst driving past.

She said: ‘I found it upsetting that an idea that I find discriminatory was displayed in such a public place.

‘While I recognise that people believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, 10 per cent of the population are homosexual.’

After initial complaints were made, the sign was vandalized by members of the public and subsequently removed.

A local posted on Facebook: ‘I witnessed an older couple painting over it tonight in the dark, they only just beat me to ripping it down.

Same-sex marriage is not currently legal in Australia. While growing number of Australian politicians are declaring their support for marriage equality, a significant number – including Prime Minister Julia Gillard – are strongly opposed to any change.



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