Oxford Pride starts their engines for a drag race

People are invited to come join in and dress up for a fundraising community event

Oxford Pride starts their engines for a drag race
12 May 2012

Gentlemen start your engines, and let the best woman win, because Oxford is preparing for the summer Pride event with a drag race.

On Saturday 19 May, men will don high heels and women will grab their loafers to take part in a community event happening in the British city.

This is Oxford’s second annual drag race, which raises vital funds for the main Pride event happening in five weeks on 16 June.

Chair of Oxford Pride group Rafe Jeune told Gay Star News: ‘I am looking forward to the celebration of what we have achieved as a community, and bringing everyone in Oxford together. Not just LGBT people, but everybody.

‘I think it is great when we see people bringing their families who are not necessarily LGBT and everyone celebrates together.’

Entrance into the race is still open for all people who feel like dressing up. It will all be amateur competitors, with no professional drag queens.

Jeune said: ‘Obviously they’re great at what they do, but they do acts. They’re professionals. I don’t really want to be running down in my frock next to some amazing drag queen with an eight-foot wig and lots of make-up on who I can’t compete with. It’s more about a community event.

If you would like to volunteer to help at any of the Oxford Pride events please send your name and contact details to [email protected]

The main festival will take place from 8-17 June.  



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