Pakistani TV news hands over ‘gay couple’ to police, calls for stoning

Pakistani TV report shows journalist entering a home, insulting the two residents and apparently handing them to police while calling for tougher laws and stoning of LGBTIs

Pakistani TV news hands over ‘gay couple’ to police, calls for stoning
18 December 2013

A Pakistani TV news reporter has invaded the home of a couple she claims are in a ‘gay’ relationship, leading to their arrests.

The show also flashed up offensive captions, saying LGBTI people are ‘worthy of stoning’ and ‘cause AIDS’.

The story on nation TV news station Abb Takk was headlined as ‘Male and she-male living as husband and wife’.

The reporter in the story goes into their home to interview them. She is filmed going through their closet, apparently without permission.

And she produces a substance she claims to have found on the premises which she says is ‘charf’ a kind of drug.

The man, who tells the reporter he has psychological problems, is living with someone who appears to be transgender of a cross-dressing male but is insultingly referred to as a ‘she-male’.

Afterwards the pair appear to be taken away by what appear to be the police – though sources in Pakistan do not know what charges they were arrested on or what has happened to them.

The video is filmed to dramatic music with words like ‘lie’ flashed on the screen when the reporter disagrees with the alleged couple’s comments.

Coming in to their home, the reporter tells them: ‘I have heard a lot about you two and you are quite notorious.’

The reporter asks the transgender person her name. When she replies ‘Muhammad Selim’, the reporter insists ‘what is your name like this,’ referring in an insulting tone to her dress. The trans person replies ‘Nila’.

The pair say they have been together for a year but they sleep apart.

The man tells the reporter, he has mental health issues, but she refuses to believe him.

He says: ‘My doctor, psychiatrist says something is wrong with me.’

She responds: ‘Now how can this be correct? How can someone whose mind is not correct know he is not stable? I don’t believe him.’

But later she appears to accept he suffers from mental health problems.

She accuses the trans person: ‘You have completely closed his mind. He is no good to anybody now… You have disrupted a family. He is not mentally well.’

The reporter also finds photos of each of them on the wall, which she claims are wedding pictures – although she produces no evidence to support this assertion.

She tells her audience: ‘You will be able to see these two photographs behind me and it looks very clearly like she is in bridal dress. She is looking so dressed up even our film stars would be envious.’

Meanwhile on the screen, messages are flashed up in Urdu, including: ‘People [ignorantly] love those who are worthy of stoning.’

There are also references to homosexual prostitution with messages claiming: ‘Decent and respectable people also involved in this crime’ and ‘Tiny places, cabins, huts are houses of sins’.

And the captions demand: ‘Need of lawmaking to curb homosexuality…’ saying ‘This nation is destroyed because of open-minded people’ and ‘A big cause of HIV and AIDS is homosexuality’.

The case was highlighted by the Pakistan Queer group who comment in their report: ‘We condemn and protest against the inaccuracy of the “facts” presented, invasion of privacy, publicly humiliating, involving police and homophobic bigotry reporting aimed at demonizing the LGBT community.’

Watch the video here. The text below is their caption not ours:

Male & She Male living as Husband Wife in Pakistan by zemvideos



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