Parents of Jun Lin, victim of pornstar killer, speak on Canadian TV

Mother says the fact that people watch his murder online is 'like my son is being murdered again and again'

Parents of Jun Lin, victim of pornstar killer, speak on Canadian TV
23 July 2012

The parents of Jun Lin, the victim of bisexual pornstar Luka Rocco Magnotta, spoke publicly of their immense grief in an interview with CBC News’ Mark Kelley broadcast on Canadian TV last week.

Lin’s mother Zhigui Du said ‘her heart almost stopped beating’ when she heard he was missing.

Du said her 33-year-old son had reassured her about how safe Canada was before he left Wuhan in central China to study computer science in Montreal.

‘He was convinced that as a country of immigrants, Canada is a peaceful place, he told me not to worry about his safety. This was a very safe country for immigrants,’ Du said.

Lin’s father spoke about how he learnt that he had been murdered when his niece told him a video had been posted online.

Du said ‘the most unbearable pain for me is that the video got posted on the internet. People watched it over and over. It’s like my son is being murdered again and again.’

Lin was identified as the victim of the horrific crime in early June, from his dismembered torso found in a suitcase. His head and foot were mailed to Canadian political parties and his head was found a month later in a park a few miles from Magnotta’s apartment in Montreal.

Magnotta was arrested in Berlin on 4 June following an international manhunt. His trial for first-degree murder, criminal harassment of the Prime Minister, interfering with a dead body and mailing and publishing obscene materials is expected to be held in March 2013.

Watch the full interview on CBC here:



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