Parents sue US state for right to ‘turn’ their gay son straight

A couple is suing New Jersey state Governor Chris Christie over their 'son's sexual identity confusion' that is making him suicidal

Parents sue US state for right to ‘turn’ their gay son straight
05 November 2013

Two New Jersey parents are suing the state for the right to ‘turn’ their gay son straight.

The unidentified couple claims their 15-year-old son does not want to be gay and needs to be ‘cured’ of his ‘sickness’.

They claim in their suit the law banning conversion therapy for minors violates their rights to free speech, freedom of religion, as well as their 14th Amendment right to equal protection.

‘By denying minors the opportunity to pursue a particular course of action,’ the couples says, ‘[conversion therapy] can help them address the conflicts between their religious and moral values and same-sex attractions, behaviors or identity.’

According to the lawsuit, the teen is ‘suffering’ from ‘unwanted same-sex attractions and unwanted gender identity disorder.’

While this would make the teen their straight trans daughter, Gay Star News is unaware of how he or she identifies herself and only has the parents’ (clearly unreliable) word to go on.

The parents go on to describe how ‘he began to think he would like himself much better if he was a girl’ and attempted to display female mannerisms and expressions.

The teen’s depression has worsened to the point where he or she considers suicide ‘nearly all day long, every single day.’

‘John Doe has a sincerely held religious belief and conviction that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, and he wanted to address that value conflict because his unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusion are contrary to the fundamental religious values that he holds,’ the lawsuit contends.

Governor Chris Christie signed the ban on gay conversion therapy in August, making New Jersey the second US state to do so after California.

The law prevents licensed therapists from trying to turn gay teens straight.

The American Psychological Association, as well as nearly every respectable health service in the world, deems the practice as harmful and extremely dangerous.



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