Parents of Tyler Clementi say they aren’t suing son’s ex-roommate or Rutgers University

Clementi committed suicide after roommate Dharun Ravi spied on him and other man with webcam

Parents of Tyler Clementi say they aren’t suing son’s ex-roommate or Rutgers University
05 October 2012

The parents of Tyler Clementi, the gay Rutgers University student who jumped off of the George Washington Bridge to his death in 2010, have decided not to sue anyone over their son’s suicide.

An attorney for James and Jane Clementi says the parents had filed papers shortly after their son’s death preserving their right to sue Rutgers. They also will not be bringing a civil suit against Dharun Ravi, their son’s roommate who spied on his dorm room encounter with another man then discussed what he saw on the webcam with friends on Twitter.

‘The Clementi family made a considered decision to not pursue civil suits,’ attorney Paul Mainardi tells the New Jersey Star-Ledger. ‘They are devoting their energies to the positive work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation.’

James Clementi has admitted that his son was struggling with depression but says Ravi’s spying and the humiliation that followed was the straw that broke the camel’s back.’

Ravi was found guilty in March of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, and tampering with evidence. Bias intimidation is a hate crime based on the fact that Clementi was gay.

He could have been sentence to up to 10 years in prison then deported to his native India. Instead, he received a 30 day jail sentence of which he served 20 days before being released early.

Clementi’s parents say they hope The Tyler Clementi Foundation will discourage cyber bullying and dispel the notion that they themselves once held that homosexuality is a sin.



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