Paris gay pride celebrates same-sex marriage pledge

Paris gay pride parade enjoyed unprecedented level of attendance and joyous celebration as the new French government promised marriage equality and adoption rights

Paris gay pride celebrates same-sex marriage pledge
02 July 2012

Paris celebrated Pride 2012 with optimism and style last Saturday (30 June).

Organizers say approximately 700,000 people took place this year in Paris’s gay pride which was exceptionally energised given France’s newly elected socialist government’s pledge to swiftly legalize gay marriage and adoption.

‘This is a special parade because it is the first time we have a government, a president, a parliament who are in favour of progress,’ said Nicolas Gougain, spokesperson for gay rights group Inter-LGBT, to the French daily Le Figaro.

A day before the march, Dominique Bertinotti, the new minister for families, told the daily Le Parisien: ‘In one year, same-sex couples will be able to marry and adopt. They will have the same rights and the same responsibilities as any other married couple.’

This was confirmed by a statement released by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s office on the same day, although an exact date was not given.

Bertinotti also attend the launch of pride stating: ‘I go everywhere where the future of the family is at stake, every bit of social progress benefits society as a whole’. She also added that she was ‘confident’ the law ‘would be passed in 2013’.

The positive outlook seems to have contributed to the record level of attendance at the pride parade that made its way from Montparnasse to the iconic Place de la Bastille.

Paris pride was hosted by director and actress Zabou Breitman and actor Charles Berling and this year’s apt motto was ‘l’égalité n’attend plus!’ – ‘equality can’t wait!’.

Speaking with Gay Star News, activist Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner from the Ensemble contre la peine de mort group said: ‘It was extraordinary, I’ve never seen such attendance, and I’ve participated for many years in pride marches, campaigning against the death penalty.

‘It was very festive due to the government’s announcement, it was really dynamic and diverse – so many people of different ages, origins, participated, it was really a true celebration of diversity and tolerance. It really gave us a lot of energy!

‘Its high time we have marriage equality and adoption, and I am confident the law will pass if they made such a declaration, I’m very optimistic.’



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