Partisan divide over gay marriage continues to widen in US

New poll shows 65% of Democrats favor marriage equality with Republican support down to 24%

Partisan divide over gay marriage continues to widen in US
31 July 2012

The partisan divide over gay marriage continues to grow in the US with a new poll showing that 65% of Democrats now favor marriage equality while just 24% of Republicans do.

The numbers are from a survey of 2,973 adults taken between June 28 and July 9 conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life and the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

The 65% figure is a rise from the 50% from just four years ago and is more than double the 29 percent of those Democrats who are opposed.

But Republican support has been far slower to grow. The 24% in the most recent poll is barely higher than the 19% from a 2008 Pew poll.

As far as Independents go, 51% of those polled favor gay marriage while 40 percent are opposed. In 2008, Independents were 44% in favor and 45% opposed.

The results were released in the same week that it was confirmed by Congressman Barney Frank that the Democratic Party will officially endorse same-sex marriage at its national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in early September.

The pollsters state that President Barack Obama’s announcement in May that he supports gay marriage has had only a limited affect on public opinion but it may have rallied the Democratic base – particularly liberal Democrats – to the issue.

Democrats supported gay marriage by a 59% to 31% margin in April compared to 65% to 29% today. Most of this shift has come among liberal Democrats, 83% of whom now support gay marriage, up from 73% earlier this year.



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