Pastor Scott Lively says president Obama is really gay

Anti-gay evangelical pastor Scott Lively said he has definite 'proof' that US president Obama is secretly gay

Pastor Scott Lively says president Obama is really gay
23 February 2013

An anti-gay evangelist claimed he has found ‘proof’ that US president Obama is secretly gay.

Lively, who infamously supports the Uganda ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, made the claim on his Defend The Family organization’s website.

In a post entitled ‘Obama Vacations with Reggie Love, Not Michelle’ and header ‘More “gay” grist for the rumor mill’, links to an article in The Weekly Standard, which reports on President Obama’s return from his ‘solo vacation’.

The article stated: ‘AF1 wheels down Andrews at 7:45pm. POTUS came back to have a 10-minute off the record talk with pool at the end of the flight.

‘Reggie Love departed AF1 soon after POTUS, apparently a guest for the weekend.
Marine One wheels up 7:55 pm’.

This is supposed to imply that Obama and Reggie Love, the president’s former personal assistant, are dating.

The allegation has been previously made by various US right-wing blogs, including, WorldNetDaily (WND), which said that Reggie Love had been photographed ‘engaging in a homosexual act’ at a University of North Carolina party.

Lively complained today (23 February) that ‘our mere mention of Obama’s vacation with Reggie Love and not Michelle as "’gay’ grist for the rumor mill" in a previous news post has sparked a wave of hate mail to our inbox by the "tolerance" crowd’.

As a response, Lively reposted a claim he made last year that Obama had been married to a man, citing as ‘proof’ a video ‘unearthed’ by extreme-right wing tea party conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

The article, published on WND, by Corsi and gossip columnist Kevin DuJan, claimed that Obama frequented Chicago’s gay bars and saunas.

DuJan alleged that the more mature gay clients of Chicago’s bars can recall Obama, and that according to his information, the president’s favorite day out at the scene was Wednesday and that he was ‘into older white guys’.

Corsi’s video alleged that not only is Obama gay, but he was married to a former male roommate.

Lively previously made outrageous claims saying that gay weddings prompted the biblical Noah’s flood.

In 1995 lively published a book alleging gays helped Hitler plan and execute the Holocaust. 



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