Paul O’Grady calls David Cameron ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ over bedroom tax

Gay comic has said the UK Prime Minister David Cameron steals from the poor to give to the rich

Paul O’Grady calls David Cameron ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ over bedroom tax
29 April 2013

Gay chat show host and author Paul O’Grady has likened David Cameron to the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’, as he robs from the poor to give to the rich.

The English comic said the British government was bleeding the people dry, attacking the much lambasted ‘bedroom tax’.

The tax, aimed at cutting housing benefits for people with one spare bedroom in their property, has already triggered mass demonstrations across the country.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror said: ‘It’s like the Sheriff of Nottingham. As though they’ve got up and said, "The old Queen is dead. The ­peasants will pay for her funeral. What can we tax? I know, bedrooms." It’s fairytale nonsense.

‘I think the Coalition [government] are absolutely disgusting. They have no idea what the common working man and woman are doing.’

‘They are not in touch with the working classes. They have led privileged lives – they’ve had public schools and have never been on the shop floor.’

‘The way they treat the elderly and the way they treat carers. A carer gets £53 ($82, €63) for looking after someone,’ he added.

‘And the way they treat children and the NHS. It is just demolishing us and they are running the country.

‘They are worse than [Margaret] Thatcher – 50 times.’

O’Grady expressed his admiration for the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and said he will join the political party’s election campaign in 2015.

He said: ‘David Cameron can never relate and will never know what it’s like to struggle. Ed is really aware of what goes on so let’s get him in.’



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