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Paul Ryan says he is against working to reverse end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Republican vice presidential nominee: 'I think this issue is past us. It's done'

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan voted against the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the anti-gay military policy in the US that officially came to an end a year ago last Friday.

But Mitt Romney's running mate said in a television interview over the weekend that if elected, he sees no reason to try and reinstate the law that prevented gay and lesbian soldiers from serving openly in the military.

'Now that it's done, we should not reverse it,' Ryan said on Florida's WPTV. 'I think that would be a step in the wrong direction because people have already disclosed themselves.'

"I think this issue is past us,' he added. 'It's done. And I think we need to move on.'

President Barack Obama said last week that the repeal of the policy has actually made the US military stronger than ever.

So why was Ryan against a policy he now believes should stay in place?

'I talked to a lot of good friends of mine who are combat leaders in the theater, and they just didn't think the timing of this was right to do this when our troops were in the middle of harm's way in combat,' he said.

Romney has also stated he would not work to reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell but both he and Ryan remain staunchly against gay marriage.

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