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A penis museum, two wrestlers and a Kiki: My gay Iceland

Rainbow Reykjavik, Iceland’s winter pride festival, lived up to its name by showing me Iceland’s gayer side of life
Gay Star Travel editor Jean paul Zapata spends the weekend at Iceland's Rainbow Reykjavik.

The whale’s penis is taller than me.

At 5’6” tall, I am living proof of the adage 'great things come in small packages,’ but standing next to the 5'7" whale penis I knew there was no adage that would save me from a few jokes.

Even the polar bear chained to one of Reykjavik’s most popular shops seemed to snicker at me as I struggled to take a selfie with him/her.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum isn’t specifically gay, but bring in the 65 gay men and lesbians attending Rainbow Reykjavik, and the puns are just too easy to pass up.

Also known as the penis museum, the showcase venue is an amazing scientific look into the male reproductive organs from over 90 species, including human.

The Penis Museum is one of the highlights of Iceland’s winter pride festival, organized by the country’s only LGBT tourism group Pink Iceland.

The amazing threesome behind Pink Iceland, Eva María, Birna and Hannes, have welcomed guests from all over the world for the past three years for a truly out-of-this world big gay party.

From killer whale spotting to Northern Light hunting, Rainbow Reykjavik sees dozens of guests join together for a weekend of sight-seeing, wining, dining and, of course, late-night partying.

If you’ve never heard of Rainbow Reykjavik, or weren’t able to make it this year, check out my favorite (and gayest) moments from my weekend in Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon

Contrary to popular belief, the Blue Lagoon is partly man-made, but that doesn't take away from the fact it’s one of the most unique experiences in the world. IcelandAir commercials brag that the coolest thing about Iceland isn’t the country’s various geothermal pools, but the fact that Icelanders solve their problems by soaking in a hot tub. After a visit to the Blue Lagoon, it’s easy to see why a geothermal spa is the perfect venue for business meetings, political debates and dates. Pardon the blurry pictures, but I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag to ensure I could capture the moment.

The Penis Museum

I won’t give too much away because I think the Penis Museum is best experienced. All I will say is, I’ve never seen such creative ways of making lamps.