Pensioner arrested for anti-gay hate crime

Elderly woman in US allegedly beat man and called him 'a faggot'

Pensioner arrested for anti-gay hate crime
30 March 2012

A 71-year-old woman in the US has been charged with an anti-gay hate crime for allegedly beating a man and calling him a 'faggot'.

Wanda Derby, from Richland Hills in Dallas, 'got enraged' when she found out her son was moving in with the man next door and started 'whooping him' with her cane.

The Dallas Voice reports that she also repeatedly called the 25-year-old man – who wishes to remain anonymous – a 'faggot' who had AIDS, which she thought he would pass on to her son. It is not clear if her son is gay.

Police say that the man decided not to retaliate due to Ms Derby's age and sustained minor injuries.

She was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that could be enhanced as a hate crime because she called the man anti-gay names.

She has since been released on a $11,500 bail.

The alleged victim has since told the press that he is proud of being gay and that the attack did not change that.

'She’s not going to make me feel bad for who I am,' he said. 'I’m not changing my lifestyle because someone feels I am a disgrace.'

Derby later disowned her son via a Facebook post, citing his 'siding with the other side' for her decision.



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