Perez Hilton accused of pedophilia after former child star’s nude pics leak

When former Disney star and 21-year-old Dylan Sprouse's naked pictures went viral, the gay celebrity blogger commented and several falsely said he should be sent to jail for liking 'child porn'

Perez Hilton accused of pedophilia after former child star’s nude pics leak
16 December 2013

Gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is being falsely accused of pedophilia after a former child star’s nude pictures were leaked on the internet.

This is despite the fact the ‘child star’ is now 21 and legal.

Dylan Sprouse, who starred in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody on Disney in his teenage years, had ‘sexted’ the pictures to a former girlfriend.

She then gave the girls and gays online an early Christmas present by posting them on Twitter.

In order to make them suitable for GSN, we were forced to edit the pics a little to make them safe for work.

‘I messed up,’ Sprouse said after the pictures went viral, ‘But I’d be a fool not to own up to it.

‘Got to move past it I suppose.’

He also added: ‘Whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore.’

His twin brother Cole, who starred as Ross’ son Ben in Friends, also made light of the situation.

‘Cold in that bathroom, huh?’ he tweeted.

But when Hilton linked to pictures of the former Disney star, he became the target of online abuse.

To Sprouse’s first tweet about messing up, Hilton told him: ‘Move past it and on over to my place! I want a piece!’

And to his last message about not being fat, Hilton said: ‘Hell no! I’d hit it!’

Several people online began to accuse the celebrity blogger of pedophilia. Again, it must be said, Sprouse is 21 and certainly not a kid anymore.

‘WHY HASN’T PEREZ HILTON BEEN ARRESTED YET HE’S A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE,’ one said, while several others threatened to call the police.

Others assumed it had something to do with his sexuality with one saying ‘Rot in hell you nasty gay pedophile.’

But there was some sense on the internet. Fellow gay internet celebrity and YouTube star Tyler Oakley came to his defense.

He said: ‘There are plenty of reasons to dislike Perez Hilton, but Dylan Sprouse is 21, so all of these tweets can stop….’



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